Registration Info

Dear Friends, future participants and colleagues,

  1. At the top there is a button/link with the word "Apply" written on it, please click this.
  2. Fill in the on-line registration form
  3. Upon submitting the form you will get the confirmation message on your e-mail account.

The REGISTRATION FORM is available on our website. Registration of participants will be ELECTRONIC only, which means you will have to fill in the form in your browser and click on the submit button to send it to us.

After you fill in the registration form your participation will be in queue until our committee accepts your application (decided by: the motivation letter) which should not last more than 96 hours. The level at which this program is taught at would be most suitable for students who are currently in their 4th, or higher, year of studying. This will also be an important, but not excluding factor, in our selection of future participants. When accepted, the participants have one week to transfer the tuition fee to our financial manager.

The OC maintains the right of not accepting some registrations depending on the number of the applicants from a specific country, because there is limitation of a maximum of 6 persons from one country. Exceptions are possible.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!